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31-10-11 pt1

well, what a week ..
in the last 7 days i have watched bh go through some very intense emotions as the cancer killing drugs take control of her inner system sending her into a different world in which there is supposedly no need for food or drink.
to say the whole process is gruelling for those of us who have to sit on the sidelines while she struggles with the day to day is to understate the obvious.
add to this the need to maintain a certain degree of normality as mk1 and mk2 were on one of their all too regular school-out sessions, which meant my time was a delicate balancing act of being on call for drug addled bh and the need for attention for mk1 and mk2.
oh, and the company i do daily chores for in order to pay the bills are going through a massive corporate appeasing upheaval, meaning that last week i had to sit by the phone and wait for confirmation as to my role in the new world order.
to sum it all up : i am knackered and emotionally strung out.
thankfully, bh has now returned to planet earth meaning that this week will hopefully be a little easier on her as it all kicks off again next week.
poor bugger.
all that aside, on thursday i took mk1 and mk2 to see a much needed dose of eye candy.
now, i am aware that there are some folks who are up in arms as to the sin that is steven speilbergs version of tintin, but if you cast aside all knowledge of the history of the character, and go in for a couple of hours of entertainment, then i cannot see how anyone could find the film anything but a thrilling visually enhanced ride from start to finish. after all, surely the real critics are the ones i took along ?
and they both loved every minute of it.
musically : well, such things take a back seat as it was necessary for ireallylovemusic hq to be a place of peace and calm, but it seems that my head was in the mood for more miles davis than i expected.
not the cool blue era gubbins, but the out there dense fusion material.
perhaps the cut-n-paste rhythms, spaced out instrumentation, and supposedly random melodies matched the inner emotional turmoil.
of course, after a while of such sonic chaos, an hour or two of frank sinatra is never too far away.
so there you have it, what does someone who runs a music blog listen to in 2011 ?
frank sinatra and miles davis.
more as and when ..


20-10-11 pt2

well, that went well. sort of.

emailing posts from a gmail account to a wp account with coloured text does not work.

going to have to remember that.

also, declaration of the category didn’t seem to work either, so it means everything will just get dropped into "everything".

to be honest, i can live with that.


20-10-11 pt1

well, today was another of those days.

woke up, sorted mk2 out for school, and then waited for bh to be summoned for her second round of chemotherapy.

it’s a funny situation where you have to call up a hospital at an early hour to find out if you are to go in and be pumped full of life saving drugs for eight hours, which your body doesn’t realise is combating evil , so then over the next few days tries to reject leaving you in a state of mental and physical exhaustion.

no wonder bh hates making the call.

still, at least we are now at the stage where we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

back in april when all this kicked off (a story for another day, perhaps), i quietly wished to myself to be where we are now.

in other words, post surgery with the worst part behind us.

what this means is after doing the hospital round trip, i then spend the rest of the day working in the home office doing my software testing thing, with the luxury of being able to put music on the speakers a little louder than otherwise possible.

such chances are so few and far between i often waste hours trying to figure out what i wish to listen to.

well today i had no such trouble as i knew from the moment i woke up it was going to be a mile davis day.

not the be-bop manic material, but the deep nasty funk of live-evil and big fun, two albums i have yet to really dive into, hence the urge.

not an easy listen, but one which suits the current state of affairs : chemically induced chaos at home, corporate chaos at work, the never ending routine of kick chaos.

tomorrow involves a so called big breakfast session at mk2’s school, and the waiting for the text to go collect bh.

after which for a few days life heads into the dark zone once more.

still as i said earlier, the light is beginning to shine a bit brighter and for that alone, i am very grateful indeed.

more as and when.


the secret ireallylovemusic hangout

after years of telling the world as to what my ears are enjoying, i think its time i branched out.
now, don’t get me wrong i still love music, hence the title of this blog, it’s just that given the visibility of the ireallylovemusic site, it’s not really possible to harp on about how crap i’m finding eastenders at the moment, or, the troubles i’m having with my kids.

and you know, we all have to have a place like that given that going out to the pub is not currently a valid option.

so, here goes, a new blog :

as you can see i will probably talk about the main non-family factor in my life quite a bit, and probably with a bit more openness that i would under the ireallylovemusic banner as with a site name thats all about loving music, it always felt strange writing about music i hated.

well, that rule no longer applies here.

let the games begin.

mark e