been a few weeks since i updated this oneline diary and the reason is quite simple.
life has calmed.
after a few days the drugs cleared the pneumonia, and various muscular pains subsided.
without wanting to tempt fate, could it be that we get some quality time before the next round of chaos ?
as part of this need, at the end of this week the ireallylovemusic clan are heading up to the lake district for a few days of r-n-r.
now, last time we ventured to that glorious part of the world we trekked up down hills, walked round lakes (little ones mind), and generally disconnected from the outside world while taking in the stunning surroundings.
this time though, given the physical state of bh, all of that will be beyond her capabilities, so instead the week will probably involve a lot of tv, a few pub lunches and a glass of wine or two.
despite the never ending intense emotions that are always present, i can’t wait.

in other news, last week ireallylovemusic was approached by the guardian to contribute towards their ongoing music blogjam section, and the results went up yesterday : here

of course the result of this will probably be a glut of emails from some wide eyed and innocent hopefuls, but still despite that (!), its a very nice treat.

mark e/ireallylovemusic


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