well, the week away didn’t quite go according to plan.

we were supposed to be up there until saturday, but it became all to clear to me and the boys that bh was masking some serious pain, which by thursday was beyond bearable anymore.

so, at midnight thursday/friday i decided to call it quit, meaning i had to pack up the ireallylovemusic gangs stuff, contact the holiday park people to sign us out, and head home
.. 250 miles away.

4 hours later, we got home, unloaded the car/kids and started the process of what to do next.
a call to the out of hours palliative support line resulted in little more than a wasted 5 minutes and some well meant, but pointless words of support.

realising time was of the essence, i decided to sod all the various phone numbers, and took bh to the a&e unit that is nearby the oncology department that treated her previously on the understanding that if a&e people couldn’t figure out the situation, they would be able to call upon those that may, as the previous instance of calling out the emergency gp folks ended up with bh being in a state of a semi-coma due to a misdiagnosis that she was suffering from a blood clot on the lungs as opposed to the ruptured spleen that was discovered a week later.

needless to say that this choice of resolution resulted in 4 hours of waiting/tests, one doctor recieving a curt response to one too many oft repeated questions, several agonising attempts to extract blood from her depleted veins, and a chest x-ray.

the outcome is that she is now signed in, doped up on morphine, awaiting more tests, to establish the source of the pain.

of course, it being bank holiday means that little will now happen, but so far we do know that she has fluid on the lungs and there are additional concerns re her kidneys (the area of the pain).

on the other hand, i am beginning to hallucinate from exhaustion

oh, and today, the 6th of april, is the 1 year "anniverversary" of us being advised as to the presence of the original evil lump.

the difference in our lives between then and now is something that spins around my head a lot, but i’ll be droppng more on that some other time.

i need a few beers-n-tunes to wind down

current soundtrack : donovan, archive, the dragons.


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