Monthly Archives: December 2011


well, just as i thought thing couldn’t get heavier, they did.

a quick run down :

– my inner being collapsed, and so realising i need help, i went to the doctor. the outcome is that i’m now on medication, but been told they can take a while to kick in.
– while i was at the doctors discussing my own situation, bh fell badly making it impossible to walk for 2 weeks.
– due to ongoing concerns as to the pains bh was experiencing in her legs, she was sent for a ct scan last week.

result : bh has a blood clot, so requires a self administered daily injection, but the big head f*ck is that we are now awaiting the call from the relevant people to discuss the next stages given what else was discovered by the ct scan : another lump.

how on earth a cancer can grow when her body system has been pumped full of chemo for 9 months is beyond my grasp of understanding, so, i’m holding onto the thought that it must be something else, but after the run of shit we have experienced this year, my positive battery reserves are somewhat depleted.